A Little Something

It was a cool fall evening. We were parked on the side of a dirt road watching the sun go down and the orange and pink made the sky glow. Standing side by side you touch and hold my hand. I turn to you and we make eye contact. I take my other hand and move you closer to me. Our hearts begin to accelerate as we both knew what was to happen next. You turn your body to have my back against the car. We both close our eyes and move close and have a passionate kiss on the lips. The breeze is picking up and I can feel your goosebumps on your arm against mine as we did not think it would be colder than expected. We pause, open our eyes and notice the sun light was almost dark.


What happens next?

Did She Play You?


Have you ever wondered if that girl you have a crush on is telling the truth or telling you something that seems to be true but otherwise is false? Well it is pretty hard to lie about certain things in this day in age with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I write this because while back I met this girl and she is dynamite and I mean a 10! That is tough to find where I live at that is not married and has 3 kids already. So anyhow this girl.. I will not give out a whole lot of info only because she could read this and do not want to have to deal with it in person. One day me and her were hanging out and somehow the subject of relationships was brought up. I had known she was somewhat talking to someone who she had met only because she told me. We talked, talked and talked and she mentioned to me that the guy had fallen off the face of the earth and she was mad at him and did not want to see him. I looked at this as an opportunity to give input and risked being sent to the friend zone. That was on a Saturday only because I remember some things going on that same day.


All went well and then boom, 5 photos of the same guy who was mentioned above and her out drinking and being all lovey and what not. I knew the photos were not old based on the event they were at. I was shocked in a way to see this but at the same time I knew that this could and was gonna probably happen. I wanted to text her and see what was going on but I didn’t wanna throw in the jealously move and make myself look dumb.


I write this so guys who try hard and nothing pays off at the end can know on certain things to catch onto. When it seems too good to be true? Well it probably is in all reality. I have seen the pretty one only once so far since that all happened. We hung out like I knew nothing. I probably will not ask about him until she brings it up unless something pops up which can happen but highly doubtful. She likes him and he likes her so we probably know what will happen next.


I could have gone more into detail but for personal reasons I chose not to

Who I am

A 27 year old man who enjoys a lot of the same things everyone in life loves. I enjoy things in life like sports, sight seeing, going out to the middle of nowhere for no reason and a whole lot more.


I started this blog back in the Spring of 2013 and it based more on stories that I had written over the years. They were good and enjoyed it but I did receive a lot of backlash about it. I took a new job just a few months into the project and got busy and decided to delete everything I had written off of the site without any warning. A lot of my followers in whom I wish to see again on here sent messages asking what had happened and explain to them in detail what had been going on.


I start the site back up hoping to have the same image as before with the exception that I am going to be going more out of the box.

An Introductory post

Hey everyone, I know it’s not exactly time to start making post yet as I am about to go on vacation to Florida here soon. Tonight that changed when someone reached out to me on Twitter this evening and asked “What will you be posting majority of the time?” Well if you have been wondering I can name a few things and I hope the name of the blog being The Comical Romantic has given most of you a good idea of what will be talked about.


So, to name a few things I will be posting about includes: Romantic stories, real life events, which can be something that happened recently or awhile back. I will be posting a lot about relationships, surrounding both men and women. There will be post to attract people from around the world and how people in different countries and cultures love one another. Every once in awhile I might make a political statement that in hopes will be seen by who I would be referring to.


I am sure I might make a post about something I did not mention above but if there is something you would like my opinion on or a post about feel free to leave comments on my post and you can also find me on Twitter @ComicalRomantic.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone next month..




Tonight I am proudly here to announce that The Comical Romantic blog goes live Sunday August 13th, 2017.


I will have a few post on hand to post including a post about myself. The “About Me” page is currently updated for more until then. See you next month!!

Official Launch Date

Today I make the announcement that The Comical Romantic will go live in August of this year. I had originally slated the launch to be in the Fall of this year. I was however able to get everything with the post sharing and design complete.


I will post more in the future. If you navigate around on here and see some random post or something I am using some random post as markers for editing of pages and designs as I am still in the process of cleaning everything up.