Hurricane Irma

I will be taking a little break from the blog in effort to help out with Hurricane Irma as some of my family down in Florida has been affected. They are okay but from what it currently appears the house could be in better shape.


Why Are Women Bums?

Todays article I will be sharing some thoughts on women who always feel the need to bum off of men. When I say this, I am referring to when you’re at a bar or club and some random hottie comes over and starts to flirt with you out of the blue. I have always been skeptical of this when it happens. So you both start talking I would hope or she could the type who maybe perhaps takes a sip of your drink as she ask if it is okay YUCK!! Or just ask if you can buy her a Vegas Bomb and she makes a it double and run your bar tab up really fast. That actually happened to me twice.. So of course if you have the money you’ll probably buy her a drink just to score some coins and hope you’ll be able to cash them in at the end of the night, which rarely happens. Or maybe she is the one who will buy her own drinks and at the end of the night she ask if you can buy her tab because she doesn’t have money. Like you don’t have any money? Who goes out if they are broke?


All I am trying to say or really ask is why do you feel you have to get free drinks and not interact with the person who you flirted with to get them? Do women not have souls or something? Well I know a few reasons on why they do it. I know one of them is because if they know they are hot and probably are to men, then they can easily get away from it. Another is that they can be broke and wanna go out with their girlfriends and get drunk and bum a few smokes off someone and have the most average dude pay for their night endnote respond back to the guys calls or text messages in the future. Maybe I should not care on why they do it because this post is not going to change anything I know that and probably will get some nasty remarks about this. Leave your feedback and lets see what happens next.

Girls Are Players

Has anyone really taken the moment that girls can more of a player than a guy? I know that can be a sour thought or just the thought that this sort of post is being made. People often say guys are pigs and are players for moving from one girl to another. That is extremely cute ladies but I know a few girls who are worse then a few men I know who are known to being a man whore.  I mean come on I know you’re supposed to have fun but when you really start to think how women lead guys on and most men keep it to themselves but when a guy does the same thing and now he is the bad guy? This sounds like Democrats vs Republicans and trying to argue who is the better party but in the I am trying to point out we refer to our gender.



My fellow men, the next time you want to try and find a way to blow someone off and might have some sort of guilt behind it because it is human nature. Keep in mind that there was a girl who you were falling for at some point and did the same thing to you. That does not mean don’t feel bad or do it more. This is just for awareness and knowing that both men and women are guilty on this one.

Last Night’s Adventure

So before I get into what happened last night let me give you some history of the events that led to last night.

About a month ago some girl messaged me on a dating site and I had never seen her profile before. We talked for a few nights and began to text each other. The first night I learned I was dealing with someone who goes out every night looking for free drinks. (This is gonna be fun lol) So after asking many times I agreed to meet her at a bar not far away from the house.



Finally.. We met up and I was already about half way done with my drink. In the 2 hours and 2 beers I had and Vodka Soda she had, I learned I was dealing with someone who skanky and I don’t mean the booty shorts and her tiny shirt that was so big you could see her boobs pop out but I mean a junkie and I thought it was sad. She did however have some good qualities I will not lie about it. The night went well and I did offer to buy her one drink to be nice and yet she tells me tonight I’m a cheap date and I am too nice lol.


So yeah She’s off my Snapchat and no longer in my contacts. She did say something that was true and she was referring to my past but she is right. “You somehow always meet the dirtiest girls” Yes you yourself made the list.


If you wanna know more detail I won’t mind sharing if you inquire.

Are You On a Dating Site?

This post is not intended to promote or downgrade any particular website mentioned. Websites mentioned below are used for examples only.


Todays post is surrounding something a lot of people are doing in the year 2017 and that is going on a dating site. We all know there are a lot of dating sites, people talk about them and hell you can see commercials advertising their sites like eHarmony and Farmers Only. Personally I have only 1 main dating site only because it is free but the bots have moved in a lot lately so I tried another site that I was not really to fond of having to pay for a monthly subscription for.

I am going to share some thoughts I want to share with everyone.


So one thing I really want to point out on a dating site and that is, if you see a girl that is extremely beautiful almost model status and/or her photos are professional. Odds are she is a bot seeking to get your credit card info and clean house when it is really probably a dude behind the scenes making fake profiles.


Another thing I want to point out is making sure your profile is very basic. I have learned the more info you include, the less she will reply to you. Not really sure why that is but maybe they like a mystery and would explain why most profiles I come across have a few works listed if that at all. So you might wanna leave out everything pretty much if you wanna get a reply.


Speaking of replying back. When you are on a dating site you better think every person you talk to is gonna reply. Thats understandable since some people can be busy with their life or maybe just don’t wanna talk to you. Some women will argue that if they are somewhat decent looking they will get bombarded with dudes trying to get with them like they are on Tinder.


Last but not least, is the person you talking to the person they claim they are? This one can be an eye sore from what the profile says about them to even going as far as uploading photos that are timestamped from 2008. Yes I have seen as long ago as 2008 which means something in their looks have changed for them not to want to upload newer photos. Weight change is the biggest driver for that to happen and I can understand for self conscious purposes. But how are you going to explain that to when you finally meet someone who you like and they like you?

I would love to hear someones personal story if that ever happened to you or someone you know.

Is Your Man A Douche?

Anyone who knows me well knows that if there is one thing I cannot stand is a pretty girl who has brains will go some stupid douche canoe. Since I have not lived in the past century I cannot really state that this is a problem that is more a 21st century problem or not. I could ask some elderly people but I feel that would a bit odd.


Why is it something I cannot stand? Well some would say jealousy and I can admit that, seeing a beautiful blonde with some fruit bag wearing an American Eagle shirt and Old Navy jeans who looks like he’s 15 since he can’t grow facial hair with the mind of a junkie on bars. Truth be told that a lot times the best looking women will go out with guys who’s looks are on par to have the girl stand out more in public places to gather attention to the more better looking jocks who drool over women. We all know women love attention and it makes perfect since.


Something else in which will be on another post will be about how guys go from the light side to the dark side and put women in bad positions.

A Little Something

It was a cool fall evening. We were parked on the side of a dirt road watching the sun go down and the orange and pink made the sky glow. Standing side by side you touch and hold my hand. I turn to you and we make eye contact. I take my other hand and move you closer to me. Our hearts begin to accelerate as we both knew what was to happen next. You turn your body to have my back against the car. We both close our eyes and move close and have a passionate kiss on the lips. The breeze is picking up and I can feel your goosebumps on your arm against mine as we did not think it would be colder than expected. We pause, open our eyes and notice the sun light was almost dark.


What happens next?