An Introductory post

Hey everyone, I know it’s not exactly time to start making post yet as I am about to go on vacation to Florida here soon. Tonight that changed when someone reached out to me on Twitter this evening and asked “What will you be posting majority of the time?” Well if you have been wondering I can name a few things and I hope the name of the blog being The Comical Romantic has given most of you a good idea of what will be talked about.


So, to name a few things I will be posting about includes: Romantic stories, real life events, which can be something that happened recently or awhile back. I will be posting a lot about relationships, surrounding both men and women. There will be post to attract people from around the world and how people in different countries and cultures love one another. Every once in awhile I might make a political statement that in hopes will be seen by who I would be referring to.


I am sure I might make a post about something I did not mention above but if there is something you would like my opinion on or a post about feel free to leave comments on my post and you can also find me on Twitter @ComicalRomantic.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone next month..




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